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Trespa TopLab is a self supporting flat panel with an integrated, decorative urethane
-acrylic surface and a cellulose fibre reinforced phenolic resin core. A unique
patented Electron Beam Curing(EBC) process ensures that each panel is non-porous and
resistant to a large number of aggressive chemicals. Trespa TopLab panels meet the
requirements of most laboratories while at the same time bringing a range of additional
benefits. These include chemical, wear and water resistance. The surface is impermeable
to reagents used in all types of laboratories and is resistant to the effects of wear
and tear-making Trespa Toplab ideal for use in labs used by different working groups,
such as in educational institutions and industrial environments. These properties make
Trespa Toplab highly suitable for use in medical and clean room conditions. It can be
used in the most challenging environments for many years without losing its good looks
or functions.

Trespa Toplab -a sustainable and green product
Environmental considerations play a significant role in the development and manufacture
of Trespa TopLab. For the production of Trespa TopLab panels, Trespa uses a method for
converting softwood from certified forests into an attractive, durable,moisture
resistant and low maintenance material. Trespa TopLab is an environmentally sound
solution for laboratory worktop applications both today and tomorrow.

Resistant to acid, alkali and reagents
trespa worktop
Easy to clean and maintain
Hygiene, No-toxic
Resistant to breed of bacteria
Reparable surface:
Resistant to impact
Resistant to scratching
Resistant to moisture and steam
Resistant to heat and cigarette burns
Extremely durable

Trespa TopLab countertop is the perfect choice for a range of laboratories
including teaching and research, medical and pharmaceutical operations. From
universities to high schools,form fundamental and applied science researching centers
to wide range of industrial organizations,from disease control and preventive medical
departments to quarantine centers; From biological products and pharmaceutical
factories to industrial and hospital labs, clinics and operation rooms.

Product Specification
Trespa TopLab
5'×10' (1530×3050mm)
5'×10' (1530×3050mm)
5'×10' (1530×3050mm)

Cleaning and Maintenance

1, Do not subject these laminates to extreme in humidity or to a temperatures over
135℃ for sustained periods of time.
2, Trespa countertop should not be exposed to flame, molten metal, metallic sparks
or intense, direct sunlight, nor should it be used as cutting surfaces.
3, Trespa worktop can be damaged by flame from Bunsen burners. The burners should
be placed on a trivet to protect the laminate surface.
4, Trespa countertop may be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps, such as
those used for hands or dishes. The use of cleansers that contain abrasives or strong
acids may damage the decorative surface. Stubborn stains may be removed with a 1.5
minute exposure to hypochlorite bleach, followed by a clean water rinse.

A variety of trimmings can be selected
trimmings of trespa toplabp

More information in: www.trespa.com
info@laboratorytop.net,weixing industrial park,hengli town,changzhou city,jiangsu province,china


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