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The main ingredients of epoxy resin board are epoxy resin, quartz sand, catalysts,
curing agents and pigments, and it is produced by several baking at high temperature.
It is overrall thickness is composed with the same materials from top to bottom and
from inside to outside, so it has a good stability, and without external shocks it
will never break. Because it is formed by curing at high temperature, at room
temperature the epoxy resin board will never deform.

High temperature resistance:
   It is able to withstand common laboratory temperature, and it is not flammable, has
   no bubbles and does not break.
   It has superior corrosion resistance to acid and base solvents commonly used in
Safety and environmental protective:
   It is non-toxic and tasteless, insulating, no asbestos, not flammable, can not
   release poisonous gas, resist bacteria.
Reparable surface:
  The whole board has same material, and it can be repaired as original when it is
  It is absolute moisture-proof.
  Different thickness for choice, is the most cost-effective work surface available.

epoxy resin countertop

Epoxy resin countertop is the perfect choice for a range of laboratories including
teaching and research, medical and pharmaceutical operations. From universities to
high schools,form fundamental and applied science researching centers to wide range
of industrial organizations,from disease control and preventive medical departments
to quarantine centers; From biological products and pharmaceutical factories to
industrial and hospital labs, clinics and operation rooms.

Product Specification
Epoxy resin board
5'×10' (1540×3050mm)
Matt or Rough
5'×10' (1540×3050mm)
Matt or Rough
5'×8' (1540×2480mm)
Matt or Rough
5'×8' (1540×2480mm)
Matt or Rough
5'×8' (1540×2480mm)
Matt or Rough

Cleaning and Maintenance

1, To remove the surface dirty, the wet rag is ok; As for besmirch, use 70% ethanol to
clear them, if the dirt or spot is difficult to remove, household detergent or a
little acetone may be used, but must not use, but must not use scouring power and rough
2,Scratches caused by metal, rubber, and so on, may be removed with a rag saturated
with the naphtha or dissolvent.
3, To renew its initial gloss, firstly clear it, and drop some wax or plant oil, then
dry it with the rag.
4, 70% ethanol is often used to clean the tops;
5,Epoxy resin can resist most chemicals, but it is recommended to test the regent
before using.

A variety of trimmings can be selected
1, Emborder with butterfly-shape
2, L-shape emborder
3, Upper emborder
4, Fake emborder
5, Chamfer of angle
6, Sealing line

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